Who We Are

Mnandi Africa is a social enterprise that helps rural woman, youth and small-scale farmers to combat poverty by equipping them with the requisite skills in agriculture.

Our Mission Statement

Mnandi Africa is Social Enterprise organisation that was founded in 2016 that help improve livelihoods of rural woman, young and small-scale farmers to combat poverty by equipping them with modern farming methods, equipment and marketing services.

Challenges vs Opportunities

Climate change

is having an increasingly negative impact on the livelihoods of Zimbabwe's rural population.

Access to knowledge

Farmers lack knowledge about modern and sustainable farming methods. With access to training and support, they can significantly improve yield and production

Outdated farming practices

exacerbate an already challenging environment. 95% of farmers employ subsistence farming methods.

Access to capital

Lack of access holds farmers back from purchasing more and better input. With better access to financing, farmers can better manage cost and productivity.

Poverty and unemployment

90% of rural women are unemployed, earn less than $1/day, and youth employment is at an all time high.

Access to market

Currently, farmers lose close to 30% of their production due to ineffective access to markets. More income can be generated for by reducing post harvest losses.